Stainbusters are professionally trained home cleaning technicians that will make your carpets, leather furniture, curtains and upholstery look like new, with as little disruption to your home and family as possible.

We use only non-toxic cleaning products which protect your home environment, remove even the worst stains and produce a really deep clean. An added bonus with our cleaning techniques is that carpets are usually dry within ONE HOUR!

If your curtains need a spring clean, that’s another easy job for us. Thanks to our advanced cleaning techniques, we clean them in-situ – so no need to take them down and then re-hang.

Stain Busters specialist leather cleaning

Leather sofas and chairs require special treatment for home cleaning. Stainbusters specialist leather cleaners are gentle and effective, protecting the delicacy of the fabric whilst ensuring that dirt and stains are lifted completely.

On top of this, ask us how fabriguard can help prolong the life of your carpets, upholstery and curtains plus protect from permanent stains before the happen.

Fabriguard creates a barrier which repels and resists soils and liquids. So in the event of an accidental spillage, it allows time to wipe away before the spill penetrates the fabric.

Stainbusters has now got a package that suits you, whether it is for a one off clean or for an annual or bi-annual cleaning, see here for our prices.

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