Commercial Carpet & upholstery cleaning

Stainbusters has a long history of working with hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and leisure outlets, so we understand the need to provide a brilliantly effective carpet and upholstery cleaning service, with minimum disruption to guests, staff and business operation.

Sparklingly clean and fresh-smelling carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings are a must for any hotel or leisure complex where guests are seeking (and paying) for a great experience – it’s just one of the many things a hotel will be judged on when guests recommend (or otherwise) or post reviews.  Dirty, stained carpets are just a big turn off and can affect future business.

A carpet and upholstery clean from Stainbusters is competitive and offers tangible benefits to any public building in providing a clean, sparkling front-of-house welcome to guests.

Stainbusters uses the highest quality, non-toxic cleaning materials that get deep into the fibres of carpets, curtains and upholstery, whilst lessening the impact on the environment.  Our qualified, experienced technicians are professional in every way, and will plan the work around your timetable to minimise disruption.  We can even provide an overnight service if required.

Dry in one hour!

Due to the type of cleaning fluids and equipment we use, carpets are usually dry in one hour – unlike many systems that utilise water-based chemicals which leave carpets wet for many hours.

Upholstery cleaning is the same, thanks to our dry-foam system, sofas and chairs are usually dry and ready for use within the hour.

We always clean curtains as they hang, thus eliminating the tedium and time of taking them down and re-hanging.  We clean curtains in situ and our gentle but thorough cleaning systems penetrate deep into the fabric lifting dirt and stains, leaving them looking like new.

Stainbusters – a first class carpet and upholstery cleaning service for hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, care homes and public buildings.

You won’t find anyone with more experience in this sector than Stainbusters.  Talk to us today about our service and ask for a quotation.

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