Keeping your Home, office, car or commercial property needn’t be expensive.

Yes you can get it done on the cheap, but in our industry ‘you get what you pay for’ really does apply when going for that option.

Saying that, our prices are extremely competitive, for individual costings, please us the contact form below.

Here are a few examples of our prices:

Carpets: First room from £50, £30 per ‘add on’ room, hallways & Box Rooms from £15

Upholstery: Fabric from £20/seat, Leather from £25/seat

Curtains: on request.

Do you feel like your house, car, offices or commercial property seem to get dirty far more often these days, unfortunately that is just the way life is.

Stainbusters cater for those that may need a visit every year, twice a year or more, by offering easy pay options.

From just £10 per month, you can relax knowing your carpets, furniture or car will be clenaed by our professional cleaners.

You won’t even need to remember to book as we will call you a couple of weeks before you are due for a clean to arrange a suitable time.

Use the form below to get an individual quote and always have a perfect looking house or workplace.

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